Pillow KATSU black sewen
I make soft pillow-stones and pouf-stones. Surely, the idea of making a pouf in the shape of a stone is not a new one (I guess it's been around for more than a thousand years), still the authorship of decorative design remains with the master.

Perhaps it's inevitable that at some point any in-demand artist discovers his or her copycat. At first such kind of imitation provokes bewilderment and even indignation. But then there comes understanding, along with a smile...
Understanding of the fact that such kind of imitation only suggests that I'm on the right track. Understanding, that I'm really making something special and sought-after. It's awesomely joyful to see yourself at the top of the pyramid, to see, that you are moving in the avant-garde. Yes, it is not easy — to create it all from scratch, to make your own unique images. But it's wildly captivating and fascinating! And this kind of fascination, this engagement into life can never be grasped or experienced by those who just dumbly trying to imitate you.
Besides these guys are trying not only to imitate the product itself. They imitate even the promotion
plan. Posts design, description and names of the articles, care instructions and SNS topics. All. Down to dimension and price charts. Slightly dropping down the latter, of course.
One "smart lady" even bought a pair of my stones and has been showing photos of them as her own work. And these are still the best examples of her entire collection...
But there is also a good piece of news for me about these guys. They improve recognition and demand for our product in the market and so we enjoy the engines' top positions resting on their shoulders — as an author (and we do protect our author's rights) and as a trend-setter, and our brand is gaining popularity. So I may only thank them for their contribution))

Still I think that they should understand: what an artist makes is not a canvas and oil. It's not canvas and oil what gives value to a work of art. The artwork itself makes the value as an imbodied vision and sense of the artist. But those who somehow try to break through using someone else's ideas or images are destined to always suck wind. Yes, perhaps, they would raise some money on it. But as for ideas, innovations, strategies — these guys would always suck... wind) Noy only because they aren't just capable of high-scale visionary thinking. But also because they mostly have bad taste.
I have a goal. I have a dream! And I making my dream come true, overcoming all the obstacles. Because my dream is true.

Steve Jobs once said about Microsoft: "Good guys! Hard working. But they have no taste." And he was goddamn right. Furthermore, they have no true dream or idea of their own. Whatever they would declare. They are simply making money. It's so dull, gentlemen...
Still I have to admit that there are a couple of imitation masters with good taste, but until they get rid of this infantile addiction to dumb imitation, I'm afraid that their taste would only disturb them. They are capable of making their own unique products, but no sooner than they quit trying to break through at the expense of others.

A piece of advice as an abstract: my dear good followers and imitators of my artwork! If you are willing to keep on improving my success, then keep going on along those lines: imitate, copycat, destroy your reputation for the sake of our product promotion. But if you really have something to give to the world, to be of some help to others, then leave the attempts to imitate and start making your own unique products, like nothing else, and give them to the world. And the world would respond. It would respond with support, recognition and (as I can see it's not unimportant to you) with demand. The way it happened to me. And so it would to you. Just go forward! Create, dare, risk! I can see you there on the Internet. And I'd like to see your, truly your masterpieces!
With love and respect, always yours KATSU.