Our inspiration – Kola Peninsula

This is Kola!

Historically, we, KATSU, are northerners. We were nurtured by the demanding artistic taste of St. Petersburg and the incredible beauty of nature all around it. Lake Ladoga, skerries, pines, delicious blueberries and endless northern beaches.

Oh, but Kola... Just 1000 kilometers to the north and it's the next level of the North.
Trees shrink to the size of grass, and there she is, mother tundra🌿

Its beauty takes your breath away, and your teeth are chattering from the cold.

Our stones and an amazing photographer @kampinski traveled there!

Now we are ready. To carry on with our mission. To incorporate the spirit of this silence and beauty in our stones with our own hands. To share this spirit with those who find unconditional happiness in simple observation of the primordial nature.

See you soon, Kola Peninsula!