"Having one day spent all my shot, I found myself unexpectedly in presence of a stately stag, looking at me as unconcernedly as if he had known of my empty pouches. I charged immediately with powder, and upon it a good handful of cherrystones, for I had sucked the fruit as far as the hurry would permit. Thus I let fly at him, and hit him just on the middle of the forehead, between his antlers; it stunned him⁠—he staggered⁠—yet he made off. A year or two after, being with a party in the same forest, I beheld a noble stag with a fine full grown cherry-tree above ten feet high between his antlers." said the baron with an embarrassed and somewhat happy smile.

Well, KATSU stones are another little miracle!
All at once, our new Moss model evokes thoughts of quiet strolls through the forest and the solemn movement of the stars, making you smile again and again.

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