Where does a stone’s eternal serenity give way to the serene flow of water? Nature’s force is with those willing to surrender to the unknown - even if it turns out to be different from what it initially seemed. The yielding nature of water will transform into the stability of stone slabs, and the calmness of the gray boulder - into the soft enveloping warmth of a Katsu stone.

We are glad that Katsu stones found their place in Sevcable, and Sevcable guests (the best people ever) can find their place on top of them.

Maybe one of our stones will become your soft support point - or we can discuss a new exclusive design just for you. All you need to do is contact us:
- Direct
- Katsu.pro website
- WhatsApp +7 981 977-01-39
- Email sales@katsu.pro

* "Sevcable Port" is an actively developing cultural and business public space in St. Petersburg.