Meet "The Cliff"

I'm glad to present my new article to you — a felted stone-carpet made of natural wool. Item "The Cliff".
A bit of history: I've been thinking about making something like this for quite a long time. I've been reckoning options. I was looking at carpets made of these tiny felty pebbles and I knew perfectly well that in spite of their attractive design, their usability raises lots of questions. How should they be cared for? Vacuum cleaning would hardly be suitable and God forbid some liquid be spilled on them! The felt quality of such carpets also seemed dubious. If you make really fine articles, it's nigh on impossible to fit into the price range such carpets are offered.

Nevertheless, the idea of making a Katsu stone-carpet which would be not only handsome, but also functional had been chasing me. And then it happened that we were making a complex order and had to decide how to make it so that a light flat felt would lie tightly on the floor and wouldn't slide. We found a technical solution to the challenge. And then it dawned on me: "Flatness, surely flatness!" No need to reinvent the wheel considering volumes. It simply takes to make a handsome flat, non-slide carpet of thick felt — and that's it! And we hit both targets — design and usability — with one shot. We made this carpet. And since then this is my favorite yoga carpet. It's so real and natural. I can not think any more of doing yoga on a simple synthetic mat.

When I'm on this carpet I feel like I'm on a flat cliff which raises high above the world and I'm flying on it as if it's a bridge over the Eternity.
And the cat, my Tomcat adores it just as well!
In Russian fables there is such a thing as "magic carpet". So it looks like one of them.

I think that this carpet is perfect for:
- Your stylish interior
- Relaxation
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Playing
The carpet would neither slide nor lose its shape. Our felt is free from fuzz balls.

How to purchase: You may purchase the carpet of the same shape and size as you can see in the picture, or you may make up your own shape. The shape you would make up should be inscribed into a rectangle measuring 1*1,5m (40*60 inch). Simply print out the picture with the rectangle (available in the shopping gallery), draw your shape on it and send the photo to us.

The carpet pattern and color can vary. Just choose any stone from our shop, send us the screenshot — and we will make a stone-carpet based on it.