Clouds are piling up...

Is that a sign? ☁️
Yes! A sign of silence and comfort!

We at KATSU believe that autumn is a time of inspiration and magic clouds 🍁 Our Clouds acoustic wall panels are made from natural wool and creative spirit, not rain or fog. Fluffy and soft, they retain heat and absorb noise perfectly, making your space ideal for relaxation.

Use them to create the perfect climate at home or in a public space, such as a cafe or a coworking space. Thanks to their clean design, they will fit seamlessly in a minimalistic interior - and add an enchanted touch to a children's room.

The panels were conceived as modular elements, so they can fill the surface and work as a single accent. Select the sizes according to your aims in the interior.

We are offering a basic set of five elements. You can transform it if you wish – add or remove certain elements, mix their sizes, number and colors, as well as their location on the wall. Only your imagination is the limit!