Somewhere in Skolkovo | Moscow, Russia

( SKOLKOVO - modern scientific and technological innovation complex for the development and commercialization of new technologies, Moscow, Russia )

Stones are soft. Elephants are flat. But childhood … it’s always childhood real.

KATSU in the eco interior of children’s space.

One more story about the harmony of innovations and nature. About the balance of the design and the function.
In my opinion, the designer can be proud of this project. Simple, minimalist, natural and super wise design for children’s space.
Of course, it’s always a pleasure to be in such a super interesting project, but that is a great deal to get into the race.
The client had high standards for suppliers. They sorted through the all possible options by comparing a visual design, quality, a delivery date and convenience of interaction.
They chose us - KATSU stones!* .

That was the right choice. We don’t make cheaply and quickly. Every stone is unique and therefore is a subject of high visual and quality control. We make our stones for people who value themselves, who can’t stand average things. Neither in their life, nor in the interior design. For those who appreciate consistent, and minimalist Zen style.

*Although for children’s spaces we recommend using our collection of sewn stones, our client set his sights on stones felted from natural wool. That was very risky, because children’s activity and pressure could reduce anything to dust not only felted poufs. But we accepted the challenge and made our felted stones as strong as possible. So, time will tell.

At the same time we are not standing still. Constantly improving our product we are near to announce a new technology - felted stones 3.0. It’s a secret by the way, but we are already testing our new product in special areas. We are looking forward to announcing you new KATSU stones at the end of this fall, which are 100% ready for children’s spaces.

in the photo - Sewn stones by KATSU