New model "Capsule Stone"

Epochs succeed each other, and we enter a new one with a new product for us and the world. This is the first frameless furniture model by KATSU: the Stone Capsule Chair.

The concept of this furniture line is based on rocks, carefully honed by time to a smooth shape in which you can comfortably sit.

The main goal of the design is to combine visual perception and physical sensations. We managed to make it happen.

Our designs were tested by one of the first designers and DJs of modern Russia – Alex Hass and his daughter, artist Sofia Albee. Alex is an iconic figure in the post-Soviet youth culture. Being one of the organizers of the first raves, he and his friends opened the first underground clubs in St. Petersburg.
Sofia is an artist inspired by nature, which is reflected in her paintings.

In the Stone Capsule we combine natural phenomena with urbanism and progress, uniting these opposites to create a new concept.

The designer’s revolutionary technology of seamless covering of a three-dimensional form gives the impression of the naturalness of this object, hiding the creator’s handmade work.

The Stone Capsule Chair is designed to be a prominent object in your home, like a tuning fork. It takes all the attention, freeing you from the need to find your style in small things.