Throw a stone at me!

KATSU interior stone poufs and cushions made of felted wool
Inspite of a kawaii spelling of KATSU brand, it comes not from Japan, but from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Anyone who took a pebble from a beach at least once, just because «oh look, it's so nice», would find stone-shaped poufs very attractive. Be it pebble-pillow or a huge rock arm-chair, you can buy a couple of pieces for a reasonable price, and if you are not deterred by unreasonable prices, you may turn a room into a stone cave or make it some sort of boulder park. Unlike natural stones, KATSU stones are easy to remove and throw around a room: they are made of natural hypoallergenic wool and filled with holofiber or cellular polystyrene which makes them light weight and springy. The poufs easily take original shape as soon as you get up from them, if you would, of course.