Japan – keys to culture

It is amazing. We wanted to go to Japan and Japan found and summoned us. KATSU stones are now a part of an exhibition that is unique in its approach. An exhibition that speaks about the inexpressible in Japanese culture and provides the cultural keys to its comprehension. The author of the exhibition, Irina Klimenko is a person with a huge heart and rich experience of the Japanese cultural phenomenon, who does not cease to wonder how perfectly this exhibition worked out at the right time, bringing the right people and resources together. This is akin to event magic, when everything falls into place by itself and with maximum efficiency. This exhibition happened simply because it was time. It is about nature, about emptiness, about silence and about the heart. The heart of things and people and about the essence that unites them. Come and tap into Japan with the right keys.

The exhibition is on until October 28 2018,
Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Kuznetsky Most, 21/5, Moscow.