KATSU stones at the exhibition THE KALEVALA UNIVERSE

In the beginning there was only Water.
A duck sat on the knee of Ilmatar, the lonely daughter of air, as she rested upon a wave crest.
It built a nest and laid eggs.
The eggs cracked, bringing forth the earth, the sky and all the luminaries.
Ilmatar gave birth to a boy, Väinemäinen, the progenitor of the Korela lineage.
A singer, hardworking artisan and farmer.

We are very pleased that KATSU stones have found a place in this wonderful exhibition. This installation symbolizes the Birth of the Kalevala Universe.
The exhibition is now taking place in Petrozavodsk, the capital of Karelia, at the Museum of Fine Arts.

It is a cultural project implemented jointly by Russia, Finland and the European Union.
We walked through this finely executed exhibition and were infused with the spirit of the north and its fairy tales. It is both concise and soulful, a combination that is becoming increasingly rare in our crazy world.