Affluence. Most people dream about it. Some of them rise to it once in a while.

The common myth of affluence has it that you can achieve this wonderful state and relax, take a break. Buy a yacht or two, stuff your fridge with caviar and make tracks to Hawaii. While the Wheel of Fortune would go on providing you with material wealth in the amount exceeding demands of a mere mortal.

Great is temptation to do so.

Lots of people actually did it. These lucky so-and-so hit lottery and won millions, which they frittered away and eventually stayed up the creek without a paddle. Owners of small businesses can execute a large single order, buy a ''Gelandewagen'' in spring and travel to a country cottage with their family, and when autumn comes, they have no money even to buy snow tires.

No. It's all wrong!

Affluence is fanciful and requires constant attention, great focusing and ability to improvise. Like a surfer following a wave. If he (or she) just folds arms and relax, the wave would be lost in a moment, or rather it would go on without the surfer.

And if you're not a loner? If you've got a team? Then the whole team of yours has to ride their surfboards and be ready to any change in the situation and the rules, side by side. Easier said than done.

Besides, it's not enought simply to hold at the crest of a wave. You have to see that in many ways we ourselves have created this wave with our previous activities. What if we stop doing it? Then the wave may just fade away, in spite of all the efforts of the surfers ))

This is why after achieving affluence it's not enough to uphold it vigilantly in constantly evolving environment, but you also have to keep on making the right waves.

So, where is the rest stop?

Space for creativity — in spades!

As well as for the vibe!

And for emergency training in conditions close to battlefield, you shall have it!

Not to mention space for beautiful memories when you are old, on a shelf that says "Happiness".

I wish you affluence, my friends! So team your magic bluebirds (just be sure they are yours) and soar up the sky!

Yours KATSU.