Baby pebbles made of multi-colored wool — they once were the starting point of the KATSU universe 🌠 These elements of décor instantly attract attention with their unique design. Mix them up with plants in your home garden or books on your shelves, and they will serve as a reminder of the truly immense world around us.

In addition, our baby stones make awesome anti-stress toys. The feel of the soft, textured surface soothes, comforts and brings serenity. Or you can blow off steam by throwing or juggling our stones — it's completely safe! These baby stones will be welcome guests at a psychologist’s or pediatrician’s office. And they will surely be a hit in children's play areas and a favorite toy at home 🧸

The Toddlers set in the photo includes:
Astro (20 cm)
Zen (15 cm)
White Zen (12cm)
White Nose (12 cm)

You can also create a custom set of miniatures from our catalog — just let us know which ones you’d like.