Creativity sometimes leads to surprising inventions. What if we left the woolen casing of KATSU stones empty, we thought? And – well! – there it was, a cozy cocoon that works as a pet house. Our furry friends had to evaluate this novelty.

We were lucky: right next to our workshop there is The Way Home cat shelter @way_home_spb2. Its caring volunteers and curators rescue animals in trouble, take care of them, and find new owners for them 🐈

Our felted ‘house’ aroused keen curiosity of the four-legged inhabitants and was subjected to careful study. We captured the whole process and were convinced that the sample got their full approval! 😻 Now you can order a soft house for your pet in our Etsy store.

🎁 We will give a 15% DISCOUNT on the pet house to everyone who makes a donation to The Way Home shelter and sends us a screenshot of the check!

💛 Payment info for donations to the shelter:
🔸Sberbank card: 2202 2017 2980 2880 (issued to Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Sizova)
🔸QIWI: +79533417551 or DOROGADOMOI
🔸Yandex Wallet: 4100115260775980
🔸PayPal: dorogadomoy-spb@yandex.ru