Apartment on Patriarch's ponds

Everything in this apartment is flexible and supple: even the stones are soft😮

You can find the most incredible things in an early 20th-century building in the center of Moscow! Like an ultra-modern transforming apartment, where the spirit of history and the rhythm of modernity are harmoniously integrated, and the space configuration can be adaptably changed to please its owners.

“Initially, this space was a four-room apartment divided up into small rooms,” Yulianna says. “When designing a new space, we decided to abandon the clear division and destroy all boundaries.”

KATSU stones fit perfectly into the interior of this lovely apartment. Their subdued colors and tranquil shapes remind us of unshakable foundations, while the gentle warmth of natural wool helps to cope with the stress of the buzz of modern city life.⚡️

Interior designer: Yulianna Nikulina.