Interview with the author

A woman sitting in a room with felted woolen interior KATSU stone poufs and cushions

Victoria. The creator, maker, mother and simply a delicate woman, who makes all this beauty. It's always interesting to know how a creative person comes up with new things and give them the unique shape.

The things she makes wounderfully combine elegance, luxury, simplicity and quality. She puts her heart and care into them.

«The idea of making soft stones came to my head once, as a kind of make-believe play of the world of matter. The play of two senses: visual and tactile. My source of inspiration comes from nature, natural objects, lines and shapes, textures, landscapes, which dissolve in the feelings I want to bring to a house interior, to make it alive, filled with warmth. I can endlessly admire variety of shapes and patterns of stone cracks.

I am that kind of «maniac» who cannot resist beauty of natural shapes and drags heavy trunks full of stones with infinitely inimitable, various charming cracks and dried flowers and herbs across half a country, so that I could put these around me in my studio, eyeing them and taking inspiration for making beautiful things.

Customers call on me showing their bleak 3D design projects and asking how to make their house warm and cosy.

I don't make up something out of my head to make my stones, I simply look at a natural stone and convert in into a different matter — it all hapens naturally, with no pains and throes of creation. Wool fibers lie down by themselves making wonderful patterns during fulling, similar to natural process of patches impregnation to a stone body, making unique patterns.

I often have a sense of wonder during working process, sense of creation happening in front of me, making itself with its own hands, as a realization of similarity principle weaving all of our world».