Does your business support any good endeavors? We do!

The festival "Bryansky Mammoth" has already been held for 5 years in the Bryansk region! Brand KATSU gives comprehensive support to this festival. Moreover our CEO Anton Aleksandrovich Golub is the father of this celebration of life.

Katsu and "Bryansky Mammoth" are fully attuned in the pursuit of natural, archaic, and simple beauty. In the pursuit of healthy and open communication among people. Attuned in the desire to experiment and in creative joy.

That would be boring to create our beautiful stones without any support of attuned endeavors. When wealthy people are focused only on money, that's hard to understand why they haven't choked on their boredom. Money is only a tool. Convenient, universal and great tool for exchange, maybe for the measure of success and for achieving goals. But still, money has limits - not all the things can be bought. We should remember that our life is the most worthy thing and it's free.

"Bryansky Mammoth" - is a nonprofit project demanding certain presence and management, and of course money.

Why do we support "Mammoth"? There are plenty of other charity projects! Why not to support them? First of all, we don't truly know what happens inside these projects. Secondly, we want to participate in the process itself. We want to see the whole story, and take part in the creation.

We love this festival for its unique atmosphere that can harmonize any person, that can feed you with energies of the sun, the wind, the water, and the earth.

"Bryansky Mammoth" in facts:

- more than 1500 participants

- over 20 musical bands

- an uncountable number of masterclasses

- space free of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

This year "Bryansky Mammoth" will take place in the Hotylevo village in the Bryansk region from 26 to 28 of July.

Entrance is free.

What nonprofits does your business support? Write in comments!

More information about the event is here:

Official website: http://mamontfest.ru/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mamont.fest.br/

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/mamontfest

OK: https://ok.ru/mamontfest