Can our stones be used outdoors? NOW THEY CAN!

Many of our customers want to decorate outdoor terraces and poolside spaces with our stones, or use them at various outdoor events.
Now anyone can do just that.

👉🏻KATSU outdoor stones from the Open Sky series don't get wet in the rain, don't fade in the sun and have excellent wear resistance characteristics.

We based their design on the sewn stone models, which are already very popular with our customers, and manufactured them using outdoor technology and materials. Choose the model you like, in any size and any color from our palette.
We can also help you make your selection using a photo or video from the place of future use.

The stones have successfully passed all our tests and are now fully ready to take their spot in the open air.

Write to us if you want to clarify the details – KATSU chat on this website or in WhatsApp +7 981 977-01-39🌿