KATSU on the stage

My friends! I'm happy! 💕
As only an artist can be, who creates and sees the real embodiment of her ideas here and now. As an organizer can be happy, whose team does everything as planned and on time.

The KATSU stones are now at the Theater on Liteiny as the main decoration for the play “Missed Challenge”, which premiered on February 23.
It was an incredibly interesting project. With challenging tasks and original solutions. We learned a lot, met wonderful people and the KATSU team became even stronger and more united.

Even now, I am simply overwhelmed by this happiness, as well as the tremendous feeling of gratitude that I feel for our entire team for the work done.
And I understand that this is only the beginning. A fascinating and interesting beginning of a long and unforgettable journey of KATSU brand in the world of implementing new ideas and concepts of interior design.