The Slemani Museum in Iraq

It was an exciting order. Interesting clients. Challenging logistics. That time our client was. The goal was to decorate the children's space. We were surprised that people in Iraq care about the culture. What is Iraq for an average Russian, who's never been there? A poor and ruined country. Successors of the Sumerian civilization living on the ruins of Hussain's dictatorship.

But we were surprised even more by the main architect of the project - Ameera Ahmad. Her high level of culture and depth of her attention to the work. A woman with no hijab simply does her job.

Of course, we were inspired by the enthusiasm with which people fight for authentic culture and history. I must notice they do this professionally and with taste.

Despite difficulties with the delivery (we were forced to create complicated logistics through the EU) the whole team was pleased to work with the order. And we’re looking forward to future cooperations.

For reference.
The Slemani Museum Kids space was created by Dr. Claudia Glatz and Aphrodite Sorotou as part of the project Archaeological Practice and Heritage Protection in the Kurdistan Region of Irag in collaboration with the staff of the Slemani Department of Antiquities and Slemani Museum, Kamal Rasheed, Hashim Hama and Amanj Amin. Marina Dimopoulou created the murals and Stamos Abatis curated the photographic material. Mcinnes Gardner Architects designed the space and Ameera Ahmad, architect, oversaw its construction. The Slemani Museum Kids space was made possible by a generous grant from the British Council's Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.