KATSU Stones: Elevating Comfort and Style in Fitting Rooms!

Looking for a unique addition to fitting rooms? Your search ends here! KATSU Stones

are the perfect choice, adding comfort and sophistication to the shopping experience.

Featured in Finn-flare Stores:

Check out these snapshots from Finn Flare stores, showcasing how KATSU Stones

are elegantly used in fitting rooms, providing a stylish and comfortable space

for waiting or trying on shoes. It's not just a fitting room; it's a genuine experience.

Why KATSU Stones for Fitting Rooms?

Comfortable Seating: The softness of KATSU Stones provides

a cozy spot for customers waiting or trying on shoes.

Unique Design: Enhance the aesthetics of fitting rooms with

the unique, natural, and stylish design of KATSU Stones.

Versatile Functionality: Beyond style, these stones serve

a functional role, making shopping enjoyable and memorable.

Transform your fitting rooms with

KATSU Stones — where comfort meets design!

Designed by Sinitza Studio:

The beauty of this design is the result of the creative minds at Sinitza Studio @sinitsaburo.

Their innovative approach blends functionality and aesthetics, transforming fitting

rooms into spaces customers won't want to leave.

Captured by Inna Kablukova:

These stunning visuals skillfully captured by Inna @in_kablukova add an extra layer

of artistry to the collaboration between KATSU, Finn Flare stores, and Sinitza Studio.