How to make a beautiful and safe children's room

Child safety is the top priority for every caring parent. The children's room is undoubtedly a special place where every area should be organized with safety and convenience for the little owner in mind. The children's room is not just a place where a child spends time: it is a space where they grow, develop, relax, discover new things, invite friends, and create – always their own territory.

So let's pay a little more attention to this corner of the house and think about how to make the room cozy, inspiring, and stylistically flawless so that both the child and adults can enjoy every moment in this space.

So the first step is - layout and zoning. We will conditionally divide the room into zones.

Play Area

This part of the room is designed for storing toys and various items for play. It is important that the furniture for storing toys is minimalist and functional to avoid overloading the interior.

Don't forget to consider the physiology of children and their age, so that the child enjoys putting toys back in their place. A good tip is to turn this into an engaging game, and you will see how quickly the habit of being tidy will become part of the child's life.

Make this area special because it is intended for play! Place the "COSMO" rug in the center of the play area and let children's imagination flourish boundlessly.

The work area implies studying and performing intellectual tasks, from drawing and sculpting to designing and embroidering. Creating a comfortable workspace stimulates a child's creative potential. An important element is the correct height of the desk and chair, the presence of creative boards for capturing new ideas, as well as quick access to necessary books from shelves or boxes with paints and tabletop games.

Rest Zone

In the children's room, special attention is paid to the sleeping area - the bed. The sleeping area and its surroundings should create a cozy and favorable environment for relaxation. It is important to consider the distance of the bed from the window and the possibility of using subdued lighting at night. Sconces shaped like planets or asteroids with soft lighting or light panels resembling clouds can complement the interior nicely. Next to the bed, you can organize a space for favorite toys to create a warm and soft atmosphere of tranquility and comfort.
Color and Comfort for Children: Interior Design Tips

From birth, children actively perceive the world around them, and even the slightest irritant can cause discomfort and affect their development. Therefore, designers and psychologists advise carefully choosing colors for a child's room, taking into account the child's age, gender, and personality.

Colors for a child's room can be divided into three groups:

  • Neutral: white, beige, gray, dark blue, and black tones. They create a comfortable environment and allow for the addition of bright accents. However, it is not advisable to completely finish the room in neutral tones; it is better to complement them with other colors. Black can be used in small amounts for interior rhythm, but only in a teenager's room.
  • Pastel and light: mint, sage, gray-blue, dusty rose, soft yellow, nude, lavender, and other complex shades. These colors are suitable for a newborn's room, a schoolchild, or a teenager; they can be combined with each other to create individual interiors.
  • Bright: saturated colors evoke strong emotions in children, so they should be used carefully. Bright shades can be used in play areas, but it is not advisable to use more than two colors simultaneously to avoid visual clutter. If you want to decorate the walls with a painting or mural, choose subdued and monochrome solutions. A large-scale drawing in neutral or pastel tones will look harmonious.
Designing Ergonomic Space in a Children's Room

Whether you reside in a small apartment or a private house, ergonomics in a children's room is always crucial. Children are highly active and prefer dynamic games, which must be taken into account. They often utilize all items in the room for their games, so it's wise to avoid fragile and valuable items within easy reach. However, anything that allows jumping and climbing is always welcome.

We suggest using ergonomic KATSU STONES poufs as they stack well into "pyramids," can be easily moved by even a small child, and aesthetically complement each other without overloading the space.

Such poufs not only stimulate imagination and encourage safe play for children but also "grow with your child," initially serving as a comfortable study chair or an element for active games, and later transitioning into a footrest as the child grows.
They feature smooth and streamlined forms, eliminating sharp corners and protrusions.
The absence of sharp corners and prominent protrusions.

Smooth and streamlined forms have long been a trend in interior design. Try to use furniture without sharp corners whenever possible. Quality of the environment should receive maximum attention: each piece should be sturdy and capable of withstanding significant loads.

We create frameless seamless furniture that ensures peace of mind regarding sharp edges and accidental falls. Moreover, our poufs are highly durable and capable of supporting loads up to 200 kg.
Safe and natural materials.

Creating a space for a child using ecological and natural materials is the key to your little one's health and safety. Natural wood, rattan, wool, linen, and cotton are perfect materials for creating a cozy and healthy atmosphere in a child's room. Avoid cheap substitutes because your child's health is paramount. Let everything your child comes into contact with, especially at a young age, be as natural and safe as possible.

By making products from natural wool, we provide a healthy and safe environment for children while supporting an ecological concept and health in your home.

A well-thought-out children's room is the key to comfort and bright impressions for a child in a house or apartment. Show maximum care for the design of the room, take into account the opinions of children, and don't hesitate to seek help from experts if you find it difficult to make a choice.