Mat "Cosmo"

The "Cosmo" carpet will take you on an exciting journey through the endless universe. The design of this rug is inspired by space themes and is created for those who are looking for something unique and magnificent.

Graceful spatial motifs, stars, planets and galaxies create a feeling of taking off into space and allow you to plunge into the wonderful world of stars and the secrets of the Universe.

It attracts attention with its uniqueness and creates the impression of depth and space, adding an atmosphere of mystery and magic of space to the room.

Handmade from natural wool, which makes it pleasant to the touch and gives a unique feeling when walking on it.

The Cosmo rug will be a striking accent and a wonderful addition to a modern design, adding comfort and style to your space.

Dimensions: 102х102cm.

This mat is perfect for:
- Your stylish interior
- Relaxation
- Yoga
- Meditation
- Playing

The mat would neither slide nor lose its shape. Our felt is free from fuzz balls.

Handmade: Only premium quality.

Material: Cover – 100% NATURAL WOOL.

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