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brand story

The story of the KATSU brand is a story of searching, love, wisdom and sensitivity.


The word KATSU is the short version of Katsura, Victoria's creative pseudonym. Only much later did we learn what this word actually means and how surprisingly and spontaneously this puzzle of meanings has come together.
Victoria is a professional artist who graduated from the St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in 2002. The idea of making large interior pouf stones emerged from their resonance with nature and Zen philosophy. At first, they came to life on a small scale - as jewelry, brooches and souvenir stone pillows. However, they very quickly grew into an independent product: KATSU stones.


In 2016 Victoria met Anton. They have a lot in common. Victoria is a Buddhist who practices Tai Chi, and Anton is an Aikido teacher. They gently fuse Eastern philosophy and Zen with a love of travel and Western pragmatism. Victoria and Anton travel a lot together and are practically inseparable. Victoria's artistic vision and Anton's management skills fused into a single force that allowed the business to break out of their small workshop.

In 2017, their daughter Flora is born. You can see her in some of the photos. This is how KATSU gradually became a family business and a family brand.


By the rules of the genre, this is the time for an obstacle to emerge, so that our heroes could bravely overcome it. But ours is a story of evolved love of two mature human beings who have already figured themselves out. Two people who know how to give, receive and hear each other.

The main difficulty was not to create needless difficulties, and to use the strong points of both to the maximum. Why call regular improvements, rush jobs and relocations "difficulties"?
They are merely challenges that our team is successfully addressing.


The success of a brand is not a sum of its founders' successful actions, it is also the result of the team's collective work.
We were lucky. The people who came to work with us shared our philosophy and progressed quickly to become strong professionals. Some of them are with us to this day.
We are proud of our growing team! Everyone has found their place here. Everyone is productive and feels like a member of one big family.


The story of the Katsu brand is not a story of ups and downs, or trials and struggles. It is the story of a naturally favorable set of circumstances, people, ideas, resources and events.

And this story is nowhere near being finished yet.
Our team is open to new people, ideas, achievements and adventures.
Join us!