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Art Gallery of Western Australia

More than 40 stones in the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth.
Multigenerational exhibition called Forecast.


Katsu pillows serve as supports in asanas (instead of the traditional blocks), and can be used as a comfortable meditation seat.


We took part in the exhibition in the northern capital in two collaborations at once. Our sewn stones fit perfectly into the concept of a Simple office with air clouds on the ceiling.


KATSU Stones are elegantly used in fitting rooms, providing a stylish and comfortable space for waiting or trying on shoes. It's not just a fitting room; it's a genuine experience.


The Metropolitan Museum is one of the world's largest and fourth most visited art museums. Located in New York City, USA.


More than 200 stones are located in various locations of the new office building


One more story about the harmony of innovations and nature

Ingrad Group's

Sewn stones are best for children's activity zones

Company office

The customer selected everything for this project and made his own design decisions


A wonderful example of how children's workspace can be set up in a limited area

The Slemani Museum

It was an exciting order. Interesting clients. Challenging logistics

spa salon

Implemented in the spa-zone of the Floating Studio, which offers sensory deprivation cameras

KATSU at the Theatre

34 stones in total. An increasing number of the fascinated audience every time the play is acting


KATSU stones at an exhibition that is unique in its approach.

KATSU on the stage

The KATSU stones are now at the Theater on Liteiny as the main decoration for the play "Missed Challenge"