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This set of felted stones is perfect for a meeting room, play space or relaxation zone.

Poufs-stones are handmade from natural wool. Seamless. Filled with holofiber and foam mix. Soft and bouncy. Easily get back into the original shape.
More about felted poufs

We offer you three options of Conference set:
◼︎ A set of 3 stones:
2pcs — Model "Baby Stone" / 23.6x19.6x11.8 in
1pc — Model "Scandinavian Stone" / 31.5x23.6x13.7 in
◼︎ A set of 5 stones:
3pcs — Model "Baby Stone" / 23.6x19.6x11.8 in
1pc — Model "Scandinavian Stone" / 27.5x21.6x11.8 in
1pc — Model "Scandinavian Stone" / 31.5x23.6x13.7 in
◼︎ A set of 7 stones:
5pcs — Model "Baby Stone" / 23.6x19.6x11.8 in
2pcs — Model "Scandinavian Stone" / 31.5x23.6x13.7 in

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You can also order the Conference Set in a different color scheme. Let us know your preferences in the comments to the order.

* Not intended to use in children's spaces with high traffic. In this case, look at our collection of Sewn stones.