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felted stones

Streak patterns mirror nature itself, creating an illusion of real stone.
Аre handmade from natural wool that preserves warmth.

A luxurious accessory for real life

Extensive palette
Natural hypoallergenic wool is «breathes» and does not absorb dirt and odors.

100% wool

Filled with holofiber and foam mix. Holofiber preserves the pillow's shape, while polystyrene makes large items lighter.




Regain original shape easily

Only premium quality

We're always looking for the right balance between. The most difficult part is to simplify to get to the heart of the design, creating pieces with a compelling blend of personality and purity.

A work of art
in your interior

KATSU poufs look amazingly authentic because it's our priority. The texture of the wool, the thoroughly executed vein pattern and the rich color palette are the trademarks of our stones.

The power of natural materials

Natural surfaces in your home interior or in any other space create a healthy and empowering atmosphere.

Incredibly realistic stones

Every time you touch our stones, you feel their softness and warmth. The poufs retain their original shape and regain it easily.

SOFT & bouncy

KATSU stones are low-maintenance and require very simple care. In fact, caring for them is exactly the same as for caring any upholstered furniture.

easy care

We usually deliver our stones to your door by EMS courier services. DHL express delivery option are available ...


Warranty period: 18 months subject to compliance with rules of use.


The stones you have selected are in stock or 1 - 4 weeks. It depends on your order.