Conference Set

Ideal for meeting space or playing space in styles:
- Wellness
- Eco
- Zen

◼︎ We offer you three options of Conferense set:
A set of 7 stones:
- 5pcs 60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in) Model "Baby Stone"
- 2pcs 80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"
A set of 5 stones:
- 3pcs 60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in) Model "Baby Stone"
- 1pc 70x55x30cm (27.5x21.6x11.8in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"
- 1pc 80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"
A set of 3 stones:
- 2pcs 60x50x30cm (23.6x19.6x11.8in) Model "Baby Stone"
- 1pc 80x60x35cm (31.5x23.6x13.7in) Model "Scandinavian Stone"

◼︎ The color of the stones: as in the picture.
"Scandinavian Stone" – 04 Warm gray
"Baby Stone" – 06 Dark gray

Link to 3D model:
3D model

PILLOWS AND POUFS-STONES BY KATSU are handmade from natural wool that preserves warmth. Seamless. Filled with holofiber and foam mix. Soft and bouncy. Easily get back into the original shape.*
Streak patterns mirror nature itself, creating an illusion of real stone.

*Not intended to use in children's spaces with high traffic. In this case, look at our collection of Sewn stones.

Handmade: Only premium quality.

Material: Cover – 100% NATURAL WOOL. Fill material – foam, polyester.

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