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A creator, a mom, and a fragile woman behind this beauty.

It's always curious to know how artists invent and shape things. Her creations are an amazing combination of sophistication, luxury, simplicity and quality. She puts her soul and the warmth of her hands into her work..
The idea of creating soft stones emerged as a part of our material world's game of illusion. The shifts of matter from one state into another, the artistic game of transforming that which seems visually apparent into an unexpected tactile sensation, the disparity between observation and experience. The interplay of two perceptions – visual and tactile. Contingency, attractiveness, surprise.
Nature is the source of my inspiration, its objects, lines, forms, textures, landscapes that I want to transpose to a home interior, making it come alive and filling it with warmth... I can endlessly admire the diversity of sea pebble shapes and streak patterns.

I am that "maniac" who, unable to resist the beauty of natural form, drags suitcases of pebbles with uniquely magnificent streak patterns and dry bouquets across the country in order to be able to spread them out in my studio, observe them closely, get inspired and create something beautiful.

Clients often approach me with 3D projects of bleak interiors, asking how these spaces can be transformed into something more cozy and warm.

I don't invent anything while creating my stones, all I do is look at a real stone and render it with a different material, everything happens naturally, there is no effort or throes of creation. Woolen fibers lay in place of their own accord, creating a lovely ornament, just like in nature sprinklings of rock occur in the body of a stone, forming a unique pattern.
In the process of making my stones, I am often immersed in the feeling of magic, of creation happening right in front of me, through my own hands, as the manifestation of the similarity principle, which is the foundation of our world.