Decorative acoustic panel "Luna"

It's not a stone any more, it's a whole planet! We've been working on this model for a long time and with enthusiastically.

LUNA is a wall-mounted acoustic panel that absorbs high and (some) mid sound frequencies and creates a certain acoustic comfort next to it.

LUNA will create a softer and more conversational atmosphere at a café table, and much less of what you say will be reflected from the wall and drift towards your neighbors).

Multiple LUNA panels will create an acoustic comfort zone in a bedroom or a meeting room (we can make them in different sizes).

It is perfect for a stylish private interior or a creative business space where people like to live a dream!

And, of course, for the nursery! For dreamers. For the future Yuri Gagarins and Elon Musks. For little Princes and Princesses.

◼︎ LUNA is easy to install on any wall type.
◼︎ Diameter: 65 cm or 108 cm; thickness – 6 cm.

They substantially reduce bad sound reflections and echoes.

3D model:
Click Here

*Not intended for professional soundproofing.

Handmade: Only premium quality.

Material: Cover – 100% NATURAL WOOL. Fill material – foam, plywood.

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