Wellness Kit

Wellness is a conscious and balanced attitude to life that allows you to maintain health and optimism. It’s a comprehensive philosophy of human well-being: spiritual, social and physical.

The Wellness Kit is designed for people who share this philosophy with us. The set includes a yoga mat, a seat cushion and a laptop case handcrafted by our craftswomen from natural felted sheep's wool.

  • Mat, 100x150cm
  • Stone pillow, 45cm
  • Laptop sleeve, custom size

Available in two versions as pictured, Red and Gray.

We use the Wellness Kit ourselves and find it both practical, and tactile and visually appealing.

The mat enhances the pleasure of yoga and other physical practices. Through its warm softness and natural roughness, you will rediscover the sense of your own body.
Our stone pillow is indispensable for practices that require a sitting posture, when it’s inconvenient to sit directly on the floor.

A laptop case is an important element of modern life, especially for successful people who seek self-realization. It's soft and easy to carry in a backpack. If you need to delve into work on a nature stroll, our laptop case will help you do it in comfort: sit on the cover as you type - not on the cold ground!

When ordering a Wellness kit, be sure to tell us your laptop’s dimensions.

Handmade: Only premium quality.

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